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Friday 5 April 2024


[Approved for Immediate Release 
By: Hon. Keith Iduhu LLB, MP.]

Shadow Attorney-General and Minister for Justice Hon. Keith Iduhu has written to his government counterpart, Attorney-General and Minister for Justice Hon. Pila Niningi, urging him to release documents relating to the National Gold Corporation Bill 2022, specifically the signed shareholders agreement executed in 2021 and the advice provided by the State Solicitor.
Mr. Iduhu said in the interest of transparency and national debate, the Opposition is requesting these documents to go over its content, have proper oversight and provide consultation in an informed manner.
Mr. Iduhu noted that as many important stakeholders have come out to express their concern and stance against the Bill, it is important members of parliament and the general public to have official government sanctioned documents to debate these issues.
The shadow AG said: “In light of the comments made by PNG Law Society President Hubert Namani, and the President of the Chamber of Resources and Energy, Anthony Smare, I unequivocally agree with their views and express my own concerns from a legal perspective on behalf of the Opposition.
“As outlined by both Presidents in their learned capacities, the Bill has over 900 sections and proposes to amend 25 key legislations, some of which threaten the mining industry, sovereignty rights and promotes inequality for some over many.
“The sad thing about this is that these stakeholders have been requesting to have proper consultation and dialogue with the government however their requests have been falling on deaf ears.
“I note that there are copies of the documents I am requesting circulating on social media made available by whistleblowers, however I must request Mr Niningi to make available these documents officially by his office so that the public and stakeholders can take note and appreciate the government trying to engage meaningfully.
Mr. Iduhu also added that Mr Niningi must reveal who is the sponsor or promoter of this Bill.
“It is still unclear who is going to propose this Bill to the house. Is it the Minister for Mining, is it the Minister for Finance, or is it a private members Bill by Rainbo Paita?
“This game of secrecy has gone on long enough, and the government through the AG and minister for justice must make an effort to ensure that all details are made public.
“The Shadow Minister for Mining Hon. James Donald has already expressed his dissatisfaction with this Bill and has taken charge in saying the Opposition will not support this Bill, which we wholeheartedly agree.
“It is time for other members of parliament to show courage and speak up for the country,” Mr. Iduhu said.
...The End... 
■Hon. Keith Iduhu LLB, MP
Member for Hiri-Koiari 

■Shadow Attorney General and Minister of Justice | Trade and Commerce | Administrative Services.
•Wednesday, 3 April, 2024.

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